Tamworth Part 2

Greetings from Toowoomba, Queensland! Yes, we made it!! It’s been a rainy day here which in a way has been great, I can finally go through and organise my emails and finish off my blog post on Tamworth NSW. I thought I’d begin part two with the good news. It was getting a little drearyContinue reading “Tamworth Part 2”

Our time in New South Wales

Griffith, Darlington Point, West Wyalong, Dubbo and Tamworth (Part 1) Greetings Comrades, our last week has been a hectic one trying to make the Queensland Border during this global pandemic. Our spirits have been high through the tough times and being out of touch from society in the NSW outback has helped with our pieceContinue reading “Our time in New South Wales”

Our time in Heathcote, Vic

Heathcote is located in central Victoria, about two hours drive north of Melbourne. We have been here since December living in a fully contained bus at the back of Yasmin’s parent’s property. In that time we have been busy restoring our caravan and tow vehicle for our epic around Australia adventure. It’s now March, IContinue reading “Our time in Heathcote, Vic”