From the scrub to the tropics

Part two: Emerald to Newell Beach, Queensland G’day all, I hope you enjoyed our last instalment: part one “scrub to the scrub”. Originally I intended to write our journey from Gayndah to Newell Beach, Queensland in one segment however I may have gotten (ever so slightly) carried away with the descriptive details in my writing.Continue reading “From the scrub to the tropics”

From the scrub to the scrub

Part one: Gayndah to Emerald, Queensland The uniformed rows of citrus faded in the falcon’s rear-vision mirrors, soon all that was left was the outline of our caravan and the red dust from the road that swirled on behind us. With the orchards gone and our rear-visions blinded there was nothing left to do butContinue reading “From the scrub to the scrub”

“Life on a Citrus Farm”

Greetings from Kuranda QLD. It’s been a while….. Hopefully not all my blog posts begin like this but its been tough to catch up of late. Not that I dislike writing blogs of our adventures, but our trip has been too exciting and I have been wanting to embrace every moment where possible. Even writingContinue reading ““Life on a Citrus Farm””

Greetings from Toowoomba

First, I would like to express my apologies to anyone who has been waiting in anticipation for our next Blog update. I am a little behind due to our hectic new lifestyle called “work”. It has been a remarkably busy week; our bodies are feeling fragile and our minds are exhausted… but all for aContinue reading “Greetings from Toowoomba”

Tamworth Part 2

Greetings from Toowoomba, Queensland! Yes, we made it!! It’s been a rainy day here which in a way has been great, I can finally go through and organise my emails and finish off my blog post on Tamworth NSW. I thought I’d begin part two with the good news. It was getting a little drearyContinue reading “Tamworth Part 2”

Our time in New South Wales

Griffith, Darlington Point, West Wyalong, Dubbo and Tamworth (Part 1) Greetings Comrades, our last week has been a hectic one trying to make the Queensland Border during this global pandemic. Our spirits have been high through the tough times and being out of touch from society in the NSW outback has helped with our pieceContinue reading “Our time in New South Wales”

Our time in Heathcote, Vic

Heathcote is located in central Victoria, about two hours drive north of Melbourne. We have been here since December living in a fully contained bus at the back of Yasmin’s parent’s property. In that time we have been busy restoring our caravan and tow vehicle for our epic around Australia adventure. It’s now March, IContinue reading “Our time in Heathcote, Vic”

Our last week in the Warburton Valley

WARNING: This mostly contains images of delicious food from our favourite places We are currently spending our next month in Heathcote, Victoria working on the Caravan for next years travels. Whilst work is in progress I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog on the area that we once lived in,Continue reading “Our last week in the Warburton Valley”