Our Philosophy

“Do it before you are too old”

Everyone over their 50’s

We (Callum and Yasmin) made the big descion to sell up, downsize to a caravan and work around Australia for two years with our dogs Moose and Dixie.

At 29 years of age and recently married we were at that pinnacle point in our lives where we had a descision to make. Head down the road of Mortgages, careers and children or enjoy life while we are young and fit.…………… “The decision was pretty easy”

Our plan:

We have decided to work and travel Australia in two stages.

Our first year we plan to tackle the East Coast, working our way up to Port Douglas and back to Bendigo Victoria for Christmas. Our Second year we plan to head across the Nullarbor, head down and around the coast of Western Australia, work and travel up to Broome, cut across to Darwin and head down the guts of Australia.

At this stage we have no set route, apart from destinations. We are going where the wind takes us!

House Sold! Warburton Victoria

We’re going to travel full time and only work when we need to

Why bring our dogs? What difficulties will we face?

We will be working together, travelling together, eating and sleeping together. As much as we enjoy each other’s company, conversation will be rather bleak. The dogs will give us endless amounts of enjoyment and conversation. We couldn’t imagine leaving them behind!

Working and travelling around Australia with dogs (as fun as it sounds) will create some sacrifices and hard times for our adventure. There are many things to consider when travelling such as, baits and Australian wildlife that can cause harm to our dogs, places we can we work that can accommodate our dogs, beaches, camp grounds and caravan parks that are pet friendly and National Parks.

National Parks will be the hardest to manage. The East Coast of Australia will be easier to manage as there is more human population and infrastructure around the National Parks, which means we can either leave our dogs at sitters or kennels if we wanted to explore the parks. When it comes to the remote places in Australia it will become very difficult, especially when you have to travel 5 hours through a National Park just to get to the main attraction. We will learn as we go hopefully!!

Working will be our next big challenge. What we are hoping to accomplish is to work more rural, away from the cities and suburbs. When working rural we are hoping to find farm work which will both accommodate our dogs and a spot for our caravan. We have also found Pet friendly Caravan parks on the coast which will give you work that includes a caravan spot and allow you to bring your pets if well behaved. Fingers crossed it’s easy to find!

Cape Le Grande, Western Australia. 2018

Thanks for reading our philosophy page, if you are reading this and have any suggestions that could help please feel free to contact us and give us a few hints. If not keep up to date with our blog page to keep up with our adventures.

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