Mathoura, NSW

Moose and Dixie’s river view camp spot on the Edward river

Low and behold the day has finally happened! Today we start our adventure and our first destination is Mathoura, New South Wales.

We ended up staying in a free camping spot on The Edward River that joins onto the Murray River. It was a beautiful well-kept area (big hand to NSW parks for the amazing amenities) and because we left the day after the long weekend there were hardly any other campers which made for a much more peaceful and relaxing experience!

The days went nice and slow, Moose never left the river bank in anticipation for the jumping carp through out the day and Dixie learnt the art of a deck hand, watching and whining after my lures were cast in anticipation of catching the trophy fish! The trophy fish never came unfortunately but three now dead carp later and a tiny Murray cod released Rex Hunt style made a successful fishing experience.

The sounds of the native birds added to the comforts of the area and the sights of the Yellow Crimson Rosellas in the reed beds made a picturesque experience. We even came across a wild mob of Emus on a morning bike ride, although not far from home, made the realisation how fast the Australian landscape can change.

I am writing this journal update in Griffith NSW. We just arrived today after a long windy drive. We saw some beautiful scenery and went through some very remote towns. Our highlight though was the Eagles! So many Eagles between Carrathool and Conargo, especially near Oolambeyan National Park where we saw 10 eagles preying on the roadkill and swaying in the trees. When you drive past an Eagle as it flies off past the bonnet of your car you realise that they are a monstrous bird with legs almost as thick as mine!

Ute on a stick, Deniliquin NSW, home of the Ute Muster

Griffith has been a different experience so far. We came the back way through the commission area, passed the ratty commodores and most likely some Meth dealers. Hopefully tomorrow’s experience is much nicer, we plan to finally find some work for a few weeks, however if unsuccessful we might move on… we’ll soon see.

Hopefully you have enjoyed our update, fingers crossed we find some work and we find some nicer spots around Griffith. If you know of any send us a message, we are keen to find out some spots.

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3 thoughts on “Mathoura, NSW

  1. I’ve heard of Tobacco Road, the back of beyond, the back o’ Bourke and the dark side of the moon, but I’m not familiar with the tacky backside of Griffith. One thing is sure, travelling exposes you to the best and the worst of humanity. It’s all part of the experience. Moose and Dixie look their blogging best in every photo op. Seeing that many eagles, and at such close range, is a rare treat. I am truely envious. Once again I felt completely immersed in your post and pics. At the moment travelling vicariously with you is the best I can, and will do for a while!
    Kia ora, Olaf

    1. Hope all is well in Millgrove. Yes seeing the worst of humanity certainly make you appreciate the small good things in life. I believe this experience will change our way and thoughts on life for the best.

      The Eagles have been a highlight this journey, especially in relevance to the Australian outback.

      до скорого

      Cal and Yas

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