Our time in Heathcote, Vic

Dogs keeping an eye on the Kangaroos up on the hills of Tooborac

Heathcote is located in central Victoria, about two hours drive north of Melbourne. We have been here since December living in a fully contained bus at the back of Yasmin’s parent’s property. In that time we have been busy restoring our caravan and tow vehicle for our epic around Australia adventure. It’s now March, I had planned we leave by January, needless to say we are a few months behind track, there was a lot more work then anticipated but in the end we got there!


Most of my time spent in Heatchote was working on the caravan at the Father in-laws (Terry’s) garage. It’s very handy having a Father in-law who’s trade of qualification happens to fall in the line of mechanics. We’d be lost and financially done for if it wasn’t for Terry and his efforts! The Caravan wasn’t all smooth sailing though, when you purchase an old caravan that has been sitting by the seaside for some time you do happen to find RUST. The picture to the left is of me after a few hours underneath the caravan removing the surface rust. The Drawbar too had been re-done prior to purchase however unfortunately to Terry’s pleasure the drawbar had been tacked on very unprofessionally. Needless to say we wouldn’t have gotten very far…..

Overhead welding doesn’t seem very fun, with all the sparks burning away at your skin inside of your overalls, many swear words later and we have ourselves one of the best engineered 70’s Franklin caravans in Australia!

Every morning rain, hail and shine we would go for a big walk before our daily tasks. We would usually walk up Viewing rock which overlooks the township of Heathcote and beyond. Its funny how the wild life changes even though your only two hours away from your previous location.

In Millgrove we really only accounted wombats, birds and the occasional deer or wallaby. Heathcote on the other hand is over run with kangaroos and the dogs took a liking to them, especially young Dixie girl. We didn’t know what to do, we played good cop / bad cop but she would still chase the little buggers, so we invested in a shock collar! We were hesitant at first, but after a week Dixie no longer chased them! Worth its value in the end.

The Heathcote golf course was just down the road, not that we play golf but it was great way to go for a walk and let the dogs run wild. Most mornings when we went for a walk Robyn my mother in law would accompany us on our walk. It was embarrassing when we did the golf course walk because Yasmin and her Mother would stop to do Lunges at certain holes.

We did manage to escape Heathcote whilst living there. We went to Cape Patterson for a weekend where we got some much needed beach therapy. I went surf fishing but only managed to catch kelp and happened to get stung by a blue bottle. Yasmin did some sandy beach Yoga and the dogs had a blast on an off lead dog beach fetching balls in the crashing waves. All in all it was a good weekend away, with all the bushfires that were going on it did effect the views of the ocean however did make for a good blood orange sunset!

Whilst in Heathcote we got the chance to visit a few of it’s natural landmarks. One place we went to was Pink Cliffs which Is located behind the local Township. This interesting and colourful phenomenon was exposed by early gold mining activities. It was a bloody hot day though, well and truly in the 40’s. We went early before noon and it was still too hot, Dixie and moose were keen to get home and have a well deserved big drink of water.

I managed to escape Heathcote again whilst living here to catch up with a mate for his birthday down in Port Fairy. Yes more seaside therapy! We had a great time surf fishing on the east beach, drinking a few beers down on the Warf watching all the old sailing and fishing boats and enjoying a sneaky cigar under the stars of a typical cold, windy Port Fairy’s evening.

Both Yasmin’s parents live in Heathcote, and prior to living in Heathcote Yasmin’s Mother’s side had an old farm just up the road in Tooborac. We ended up taking Yasmin’s Grandad (Rex) down to his farm so he could show us what it was like to live there back in his days. Tooborac is extremely hilly and Rex has just turned 89 this year! Rex didn’t even break a sweat! I hope I’m that fit and healthy if I reach that age.

We’re just about to hit the road soon, it’s all finally happening! We have spent the last few days working hard transitioning all our stuff from the bus to the caravan. We thought we were going to run out off room for cupboard space but at this stage we have three spots that need filling! I guess we will accumulate some items on our trip! Our first stop is Mathoura, New South Wales! It’s time to cross the border! We look to stay a few nights at a free camping spot on the Edward river before heading north to Griffith to hunt for some work. Is it weird to say that I am looking forward to work again??? That may change quickly but needless to say I’m excited! Catch you all soon for our Mathoura blog!

Sunset on top of Viewing Rock

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4 thoughts on “Our time in Heathcote, Vic

  1. I also enjoyed the wild surf of Cape Patterson in my wild youth and lazy summers on the Moyne, getting fresh crays off the boats just returned from fishing. Port Fairy: The Star of the West Hotel and other pubs, New Years Eve at the surf club, long walks on Eastern beach and fishing off the wooden pier on the Moyne and cray fish dinners. Ah the wonderful times of a bygone era before uber tourism and high rise apartments. My family would drive out to a local dairy farm and buy fresh milk by the gallon, the cream rising to the top, to be scooped off and whipped for coffee and homemade cake. Simple pleasures and good memories of country life…. As this clip portrays…

    Özgür Baba – Dertli Dolap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIMKJ43TFLs

    and with a violin to accompany you: “Around the campfire, we sing songs, the night is sweet…”

    Shpielberg – Arum dem Fayer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAP7PbOZmOU

    Happy trails, Olaf

    1. Beautiful writing bas always Olaf. Port Fairy is definitely a magical town, you should head back there, it’s one of the few towns in Australia especially on the coast that hasn’t lost its touch and hasn’t been overruled by uber tourism! Fresh cream on some freshly brewed coffee would definitely add the experience! Hopefully we find some dairy farm work so I can finally experience the wonders! Talk soon, Cal

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