Our last week in the Warburton Valley

WARNING: This mostly contains images of food from our favorite places

Warburton Rail Trail. Between Wesburn and Millgrove Victoria https://www.railtrails.org.au/trail?view=trail&id=64
Empty house! had Cjs pizza the day we moved in 6 years ago

We are currently spending our next month in Heathcote Victoria working on the Caravan for next years travels. Whilst work is in progress I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog on the area that we once lived in, especially our last week in our green oasis. (its currently 40 degrees outside, its very dry in central Victoria, missing the Warburton Valley heaps right now)

Fly fishing, Archeron River/Little River, Archeron Vic

We had a house in Millgrove Victoria which was the last Town before Warburton if you were heading along the Warburton Highway. It was a brilliant location to live, we backed onto the beautiful ranges and overlooked Mount little Joe. The Yarra River was 100 meters down the road perfect for a summers swim or spring fish, there was a rail trail that could take you all the way to Lilydale. (Riding one way isn’t too bad as the trail is about 40km long. We tried walking it once with the dogs, we accomplished the walk, however our feet did not appreciate us for at least a week afterwards.) We also had the luxury of an aqueduct trail up in the hills behind us which was a nice quite location to walk the dogs and had beautiful views over the valley. Oh and in winter it snows on Mount Donna Buang which is only a 5km drive from Warburton.

Yarra River in Millgrove

There was also heaps of beautiful wildlife in the hills. Cockatoo species from Corella’s, noisy white crested Cockatoo’s and beautiful Black yellow tailed Cockatoos that would sing in Spring. If you were lucky enough you could spot a few Gang Gang cockatoos in Spring too! We also had friendly King Parrots and Rosella that would sit on your verandah and eat seeds from your hands, Kookaburras that would sit on your clothesline and up in the hills you’d come across skittish Lyrebirds. We also saw heaps of deer, although a pest they are beautiful creatures to come across.

Yasmin with a King Parrot on our Verandah

The Warburton Valley was a very quiet place to live, weekends were different however. Being classified as Melbourne’s back door steps for some weird reason the Melbournian crowed would come though in their fancy porches, or kited up on their fancy motorsport bikes. The trails would become infested with lycra bike riders who shouldn’t be wearing lycra and ethnics with no walking trail etiquette. So if you are considering visiting the area come during the week! I guess this goes for most places which is only a few hours from any major city. Apart from the summer weekends It was a beautiful quite peaceful area to live. It was remote so we didn’t have any chain fast food in a 50km radius, there were no such things as Uber eats, and if you were lucky enough to get ADSL2, Netflix or broadband was not an option! Which really suited us. Unfortunately as we were just leaving our local video shop closed, so long analog world! 😦

When we sold our house we ended up with a very short settlement, so by the time we had to give notice for work we were only able to have a week to enjoy the Warburton Area. We managed to get to Noojee, we walked the old trestle Bridge and went to the iconic pub, feed wasn’t that great but did pick up a Noojee pub bluey!

We also managed to drive across to Eildon, it was a hot day but we managed to cool off in the dams and fly fish on our way home in the Archeron river. On our way home through Healesville we said farewell to my favorite burger joint Monroe’s Burgers. I’ve eaten a lot of burgers in my time, this is by far the best yet!

Eildon Dam https://www.lakeeildon.com/

Apart from a few little day trips we made most of what was at our back door. We walked the many trails around the area, the dogs swam and fetched sticks in the river, we got to say goodbye to a few friends we have made in the area and enjoy the sun go down over the Valley

Monroe’s Healesville. /https://www.monroesburgers.com/

Because food is such a important topic to us and we plan the day around it we managed to tick off our favorite places to eat too. If you are in the area and want to dine check out these places! If you want a burger head to Monroe’s Healesville. If you want a damn good wood fired pizza head to a quaint little restaurant called Little Joe’s. If you are craving a Parma no place better then Cunninghams Hotel in Yarra Junction. There Irish Parma is to die for, and being Irish they do Guinnness!!

The best till last is Gladysdale Bakehoue between Wesburn and Yarra Junction. Our last meal was here and it was big one at that! I’d hate to know how much money we have spent here the last 6 years, but it was definitely worth the cause!! Best breakfast options ever! when they have Pork belly as an option instead of bacon you know its going to be amazing! If your heading to Warburton don’t go to the Warburton Bakery for a pie or desert, its beyond average to the cuisine they have at Gladysdale Bakehouse!

So that about does it. After a full belly we returned the keys to the realtors and drove two and a half hours north to a very dry and dusty little country town Heathcote Victoria. Although dry and dusty it has its own beautiful landmarks that make Heathcote so special in its own way, The Kangaroos though are out of control! don’t drive this way at night if you are in the area!

Gladysdale Bakehouse. https://www.facebook.com/gladysdalebakehouse/ Beans and meat! I had the Pork belly Benedict, was half way though the meal prior to taking the photo!

I hope you enjoyed our Warburton blog, it was more of a food review if anything but they were definitely worth the mention. Stay tuned for our Caravan renovations, and before we leave on our adventures ill post a blog article on Heathcote Victoria and its surrounds

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